Episode 16: Uncle Nick (С Английскими субтитрами)

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Nick receives a call asking him for It is Victoria, a friend of his who knows the famous film director, George In hope of fame and fortune, Nick wants Victoria to tell the director what a great actor his is, so agrees to help He tells the others that he has just been asked to look after something for It becomes apparent that the 'something' is a hungry, messy, noisy seven-year-old boy called Victoria's au pair has eloped with the postman so she needs someone to look after him while she is in New After the child arrives there is Annie finds it difficult to concentrate on revision for her exams, and Lucas destroys the He ruins Bridget's makeover photos, plays on her beloved exercise bike, and wraps up poor Charley in toilet Hector almost falls out of the window when he tries to clean it, so they call in a window Bridget is about to murder the little guest when she notices that the window cleaner is very She invites him in for a cup of
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